How the team came together

The idea for the company started with the discovery of a very effective way to estimate the growing stock volume (biomass) of boreal forests. The method found uses L-band ALOS PALSAR images together with a newly developed algorithm to achieve a high overall accuracy. Furthermore the new approach can achieve high accuracy without the input of previously acquired local reference data of the area of interest. If there are reference datasets available adding them even further increases the overall accuracy of the approach.

Dr. Carsten Pathe is one of the first founding members and the one that started writing a comprehensive business plan. Seeing the need for additional enthusiastic members to expand the founding team Sebastian Wilhelm was asked to join the endeavor. His task was to secure and further develop the algorithm and find other methods for biomass estimation in boreal forests. As Dr. Pathe and Mr. Wilhelm discovered that they had more than one service to offer, they decided to get a business graduate by the name of Florian Paul Rink to assist in writing the business plan. This business plan was then used to participate in a regional business plan competition called “Thüringer Gründungsideenwettbewerb Region Ostthüringen Frühjahr 2011”. The business plan turned out to be a success and it won the competition by getting first price.


After that victory Dr. Pathe, Mr. Wilhelm and Mr. Rink were quite confident that an application for a financial grant could be successful, which it turned out to be. The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology approved their application and they all received a grant for one year. This grant was given to ensure that the entrepreneurs had enough time to make the necessary preparations and get everything ready prior to the actual launch of the company. The Earth Observation Services GmbH (German limited liability company (LLC) equivalent) was founded on the 25th of April 2012.

Since then we have had the pleasure of being involved in several projects and been able to increase the brand awareness within our industry. Furthermore some changes have been made to the team because Mr. Rink has given up his active involvement. Mr. Rink has been replaced by Tim Robin van Doorn, now a business development manager for EOS.

As the team keeps expanding further members will be added to this story.

Last update: 12.06.2014