GIS Services

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are information systems that allow storing, editing, analyzing and graphical representation of geographical data – data of any kind that are connected to a geographical location, e.g. an address or a pair of coordinates. GIS-Software facilitates the link between remotely sensed information (such as land cover) and other statistical or measurement data. All the information is stored in data bases which allow fast and easy access to the data. Services offered include the following.

Data collection, digitalization and evaluation

Once all necessary data are stored in a GIS database, we analyze the data to your specifications. This comprises such issues like measurements of distances/areas/volumes, spatial and thematic data intersections, network routing, data buffering as well as the analysis of digital elevation models.

Set-up of GIS projects

GIS is ideally suited for handling data within all kinds of projects involving remote sensing image data and/or geographical data.