1: The SAR-EDU platform helps to teach remote sensing technologies and much more. It is definitely worth looking in to.

2: The LMU also has an interesting internet portal with loads of courses online, but they have all been written using the German language.

3: David Sandwell and others from the University of California also have some remote sensing lectures online which are well worth a closer look.

Scripts / Lecture notes

1: Introduction to Microwave Remote Sensing (English language)

With special thanks to David P. Lusch (Ph. D.), Distinguished Senior Research Specialist form the Michigan State University for allowing us to offer you his well-written script.


With special thanks to Robert Sanderson (Ph. D.), from the New Mexico State university for allowing us to share his script with you.

3: Was ist eigentlich Fernerkundung? für Einsteiger (German language)

Was ist eigentlich Fernerkundung? für Fortgeschrittene (German language)

With special thanks to Kerstin Voß for allowing us to use and share the above mentioned textbooks (PDF-format) which have been created in the course of a FIS-project at the university of Bonn.


The following two posters where used at the “Nationales Forum für Fernerkundung und Copernicus 2014″ on the 8th until the 10th of April 2014 in Berlin. Both Posters were printed in A0 format and received great interest from the crowd.