The growing trend towards specialized jobs and knowledge makes it difficult to complete projects without assistance of outside consultants. The explosion of knowledge that the internet has helped facilitate is a real advantage compared with the ages before.

By offering our experience and expertise with regard to earth observation projects, we are able to add value to your projects. We gather, process, analyze, map and visualize all information that can be derived from your satellite and aerial measurement data (optical and radar spectral bands).

We possess advanced knowledge and experience in terms of radar remote sensing (X, C, L-band) and visualizing the information derived from decoding the backscatter (reflecting waves) measured by satellites and aerial platforms. Only a few companies in the world have mastered the complicated decoding and visualization process of radar remote sensing data. Our advantage is our close cooperation with the world- renowned earth observation department of the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena (DE), which keeps us up to date on all new theories, models and algorithms.

The advantages of having us onboard are manifold and encompass, but are not limited to, the following:

A competent brainstorming partner, who will assist in exploring the possibilities, limitations and potentials of using satellite and/or aerial earth observation measurements (remote sensing ) and GIS services in your projects

A dedicated company, which will analyze what it can add to your project and will honestly step back if no value can be added

An objective second opinion if you have doubts concerning the strategy, validity and other important aspects of your projects

Access to expert knowledge with regard to the mapping and monitoring (change maps) of forests, urban areas, wetlands etc.

A cost comparison between remote sensing and traditional data acquisition methods

Advice on which data sets, models and methods will benefit your project the most

A partner or sub-contractor for scientific research and development as well as for managing and processing large operational data sets