We currently have no vacancies, but we would be honored to receive your unsolicited application nonetheless. We only ask you to let your application reflect a complete description of your person and we do not mind a bit of creativity.

1. What do we require besides the expert knowledge, which you undoubtedly possess?

• Teamwork and autonomous working skills and the ability to handle responsibility
• Honest, down-to-earth, creative and hands-on mentality
• Technical understanding
• Good to excellent German and English language skills (further languages are beneficial)

2. What can we offer our co-workers?

• As EOS is still a young company we wish to maintain a flat hierarchy and keep it a team effort.
• We offer flexible work hours and even the possibility of partially working from home to accommodate a healthy work-life balance (depending on your function within the company)
• As part of the team, you are able to add your (creative) ideas and projects and even manage them till the goal has been achieved
• We offer a challenging work environment and the possibility to grow with the company

3. Motivation

Motivation is said to consist of several different pieces, the least important of which is a high financial remuneration. The more important pieces include having good colleagues, being allowed to express creativity, seeing a challenge in the goals you define, being able to identify with and be proud of your work, and own a piece of the company.

Find our contact information on our Contact site.

Find our contact information on our Contact site.